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CXR Cloud

Currency Exchange SaaS for small to mid-size enterprises

Clear View API Suite

  • Sanction List Screening API
  • Continuous Monitoring API
  • PEP Screening API
  • Live Currency Rates API

Currency Exchange Software for Money Service Businesses

We are Clear View Systems, the makers of CurrencyXchanger, the most trusted name in the Foreign Exchange Industry since 2003. Our Award-Winning CurrencyXchanger is used and trusted by thousands of foreign exchange professionals in over 40 countries.

If you are in the business of buying and selling foreign Currencies, you have come to the right place!

Whether you a small branch or or multi-branch operation, CXR can take your business to the next level.


Some of our clients from the following industries

Money Service Businesses (MSB)

• Bureau de Change (BDC)
• Precious Metal Dealers
• Currency Exchangers
• FOREX traders
• Payday Loan Companies
• Money Transfer Organization (MTO)
• Crypto Currency Exchangers

Financial Institutions

• Commercial Banks
• Central Banks
• Credit Unions
• Commercial lenders
• Private Equity firms
• Investment Groups

Travel Agencies & Airport Kiosks

• Travel agencies offering travel money
• Gift shops
• Airport currency exchange kiosks
• Tourist shops
• Cruise Liners

Casinos & Gaming Industry

• Many casinos are currently using our software and services for their KYC screening and background checks as well as recording foreign currency exchanges

Hospitality & Tourism Industry

• Many hotels and motels offer currency exchange service and require automated systems for record keeping and KYC. This type of service is usually offered in resorts and tourist-oriented shops dealing with international clients.

Clear View Systems In the News

Our company has been featured in 50+ global publications and awarded multiple times.

Most Flexible Deployment Options!

Deploy on-premise or in the cloud!

Compatible with Windows & Mac

All versions of CXR can be installed on Mac or Windows. You can even have a network of Mac and PCs working together in a live environment. You can have a network of Mac and PCs and we will support it no problem! You always own and fully have control of your own data!

Sync Technology

Our offline Client Server architecture allows all workstations to work offline or online. The Sync architecture allows offline capability without relying on a live server. Hybrid deployment with a combination of client/server and web interface is also possible!

Cloud Edition

CXR Cloud Edition is built to scale up or down on demand. Whether you need one workstation or have hundreds of users working in multiple branches nation-wide or internationally. From the smaller mom and pop shops to medium scale enterprises this edition will scale with your needs.

Customer Testimonials

Raiane M.

Aplicativo 100%

Amei minha experiência,me deixou muito satisfeita, É um aplicativo que te deixa muito satisfeita Acredito que tem que melhorar pouca coisa

Posted on Capterra

Ryan S.

Perfect for small stores

This is very simple to use and easy to learn. It's straightforward and has a lot of different options to exchange currencies. The AML module was a little bit confusing but overall it was great.

Posted on Capterra

Charlene S.

Exactly what I needed

Each currency and exchange rate was obtained accurately. This converter was quick and easy to use - exactly what I was looking for at the moment. It was not the first choice on the download list.

Posted on Capterra

Rostia F.

Currency Xchanger Software

I have tested three softwares and The Currency Xchanger is the best by far. I love that reports are customizable and the data information in each client profile is easy.

Posted on Capterra

Abdulaziz A.

Amazing exchange software

We're using currency Exchanger since a year and i never saw powerful, stable, and easy to use program like this software, each time you're using it.

Posted on Capterra

Murray B.

A very comprehensive product that has been able to be adapted to fit our business well

A good product, easily adapted to meet our needs. Can be quite hungry in regards to RAM and Processing speeds needed but quite workable. learn

Posted on Capterra

Rosita F.

Excellent Currency Exchange Progam

Love the custom ability, and the new features of pivot table for auditing purposes and for compliances. Tiran is friendly answers questions quickly and is able to customize program for each business.

Posted on Capterra

Alex I.

Flexible, powerful, and easy to use

Posted on Capterra


CXR is a banking-quality software that a small business can afford. We started this journey to be able to help smaller Money Service Businesses compete with larger banks and financial institutions.

Powerful yet easy

With our turnkey solution, you can be up and running in no time! Let us take care of the hard stuff. Our product and services are one of the best in the industry.

A+ Rating

Our products have some of the highest rating of all our competitors. Our company has a A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau of Canada (BBB) since 2010

A+ Support

A happy customer is a happy life! Our Customer support always gets a fantastic feedback from our customers. We are known to provide amazing service to our family of customers.

Digital Rate Board

Use this section to show off one of your features in great detail.

Large Screen Connectivity

Connect your flatscreen LCD/LED monitor (or smart TV) to publish your exchange rates. You can include promotional videos or slides to make it more entertaining for customers.

Global access

Our digital rate board can be accessible anywhere via a simple URL. You can send the URL via email or display it on a large screen for your customers. You can also view the rates from

Exchange Rates App

We offer a white-labeled version of the rate app that can be branded as your own. Your customers will be able to view your rates with one click from the phones.

Top Features of CurrencyXchanger

  • Currency Exchange Software for competitive retailers and wholesalers
  • Multi-currency Point of Sale CXR-POS
  • Multi-Currency Accounting Software CXR-BE
  • Compliant Record Keeping for your Remittance Company CXR-Pro
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Watch
  • Tellerproof system for End of Day cash control Watch
  • Currency Tracking by Denominations Watch
  • Connectivity to live Currency & Precious Metal Watch
  • Audit Trail Module with multi-level Undo/Revert Watch
  • One-click export to Microsoft Excel, CSV or XML. Watch
  • Exception Report Log for tracking down anomalies Watch
  • Optional LCD Currency Rate Display board Watch
  • Adjust shortages and overages the accounting way Watch
  • Record your FOREX tradings, Bookings, Future Contracts, and Deliveries Watch
  • Rule-based Fee module for automatic fee calculation Watch
  • Check Cashing Software Read more
  • Rule-based AML & ATF policy declaration module Watch
  • Print ready-made KYC Form Read more
  • Compliant with PCMLTFA Read more
  • Compliant with CIP under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and USA Patriot Act
  • Screening against 12 major sanction lists and PEP list
  • AML Audit tool to easily respond to your bank and auditor's request Watch
  • Adjustable warning threshold for LCT, EFT, and STR monitoring
  • eWire Remote Payment Orders Read more
  • Multi-branch capability
  • Deploy in Decentralized Network Environments using our Proprietary Cloud Sync Technology Diagram
  • Deploy in Cloud or other Centralized Network environments using Terminal Services
  • Approved by Swedish Tax Authority Skatteverket and Financeinspektionen

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