What is a Digital Currency Rate Board?

A digital currency rate board/panel is used to display foreign exchange rates an LCD or LED monitor. These boards can also be used to display flight price information, interest rates and lottery results.

The Digital Currency Rate board is a piece of software developed using Javascript, CSS and HTML 5 allowing maximum flexibility and easy customization. We can customize the basic look and feel (colours, fonts, placing your logo) for you. We also offer customized Wordpress Plugin development that can be configured for simple integration with your WP sites.

Top 10 Reason To Use A Modern LED or LCD Currency Board

  1. To advertize your rate to your customers
  2. You can use the module in your website for automatic rates
  3. You can place promotional slide shows on the page
  4. It's the cheapest form of advertizing and capturing attention
  5. It is easy to read from a distance
  6. It is much cheaper than old currency boards
  7. Rates can change automatically without intervention
  8. You can use any LED or LCD for the display monitor
  9. The order of the currencies can be changed by software
  10. It is very easy to add or remove a currency from the board

Sample Currency Display Rates - For Demo Only - (Rates are not live)

  • Simple Rates with Large Flags
  • Access Finance
  • Atlas Currency
  • 7 Columns Blue Large Flags
  • Charlies Currency Rates - Old Style - Small Flags
  • Canadian Souvenirs
  • CBCE Canam Bullion Currency Exchange - Not Real Rates
  • GURU Traders - Not Real Rates
  • Sample 5 Columns with Inverse Rates

Actual Photo of a Currency Exange Rate Board from Cash Point

How to order your Currency Exchange Rate Board?

  1. You can order a Rate Board to be displayed on your website or big screen TV through us.
  2. We will develop and customize the Rate Board Module according to your specific requirements (either Wordpress or standard HTML site)
  3. You need a hosting company to host your rate board (as a web-page) or we can provide hosting on our website. In order to install the rate board module, we would require the FTP (or SFTP) credentials from your hosting site to be able to configure CXR Software to upload the rates to the site automatically. For security purposes, we recommend that the FTP account to point to a subfolder (or sub-domain) of the company’s website instead of the root folder. If you have a Wordpress site, we would require your WP admin login credentials to install the WP Plugin. Once the plugin is installed you may revoke access to the WP portal.
  4. We will configure CurrencyXchanger (CXR) to automatically (or manually) upload the rates (as an XML file) to the site. Rates are defined with their buy and sell margins in CXR Software. The upload is done via FTP/SFTP to the hosting company (this is either on a schedule or periodically every few minutes based on the customer preferences) The Rate shall become available using a URL on the hosting site.
Diagram showing how the XML rates get uploaded to the hosting company via the Currency exchanger software