Subscription plans

  • Technical Support
  • Workstations Included in Base Package: 1 Standalone
  • Extra Workstations (Optional): $250 per year
  • Automatic Currency Rates: Included
  • CurrencyXchanger Updates: Included
  • Sanction Lists: 3 Sanction Lists included
  • PEP List Screening: 50 PEP checks included
  • 4D Database Upgrades: Not Included
  • Ransomware Prevention Software: Not Included
  • Advanced AML Rule Engine: Not Included
  • Crypto Currency Rates Subscription: Not Included
  • Secure Cloud Backup: Not Included
  • 3 hours per month
  • 1 Standalone
  • $250 / year
  • 3 Sanction List
  • Price: $1800 per year
  • Additional Information: Call for more info
  • Workstations Included in Base Package: 1 Standalone
  • Extra Workstations (Optional): $350 per year
  • Automatic Currency Rates: Included
  • CurrencyXchanger Updates: Included
  • Sanction Lists: 7 Sanction Lists included
  • PEP List Screening: 2500 PEP checks included
  • 4D Database Upgrades: Included
  • Ransomware Prevention Software: Included (CryptoStopper License)
  • Advanced AML Rule Engine: Included (Transaction Monitoring)
  • Crypto Currency Rates Subscription: Included
  • Secure Cloud Backup: Included (S3 Backup Bucket)
  • SLA: 5 hours per month
  • Price: $2750 per year

What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

A service level agreement (SLA) is a negotiated agreement between two parties where one is the customer and the other is the service provider. The SLA records a common understanding about services, priorities, responsibilities, guarantees, and warranties. Each area of service scope should have the "level of service" defined. The SLA may specify the levels of availability, serviceability, performance, operation, or other attributes of the service, such as billing. Wikipedia

Every edition of CurrencyXchanger is bundled with 6 months of free support. Having our support can give you and your employees great peace of mind, knowing that we are available to help when you need it most. Our Support team is just a phone call away from you. Our customers can sign up to a SLA agreement when their initial support expires. For more information about our affordable pricing and policies, please contact our chatline operator.

The SLA agreement is to ensure that you receive quality service and support from us when you need it. Also, you will receive all updates and upgrades of the system to ensure that you are always running the latest version of CurrencyXchanger and your data file will not become obsolete should you decide to upgrade in the future.

What is included in Clear View Systems' SLA program?

Remote Installation and Configuration: Installing database, setting up automatic printing, scanner integration for photo ID capture, setting up backup schedules, configuring server and client preferences.

Troubleshooting: We can remotely connect to your computers in a few minutes and offer live help to your staff or troubleshoot any problems. Troubleshooting scenarios may include: data integrity testing, helping your staff with their questions, restoring the database after a power failure.

Phone support: You and your staff can call us during our extended business hours (7:30 AM to 8:30 PM pacific time)

Live Chat Support: Feel free to send your technical questions 24/7 via our website chat support. If our operators are busy or not available, a ticket will be issued to your request and will be followed up by our support team within in a few hours.

CurrencyXchanger Minor & Major Updates: Unlike most standard SLAs, our SLA includes a license for upgrades of CurrencyXchanger free of any additional charge. You never have to worry about your data files being outdated. Almost every eight to twelve weeks, we release a newer and improved version of CurrencyXchanger. This DOES NOT INCLUDE UPGRADES TO 4D SERVER.

Subscription to online sanction lists: As part of your SLA agreement, you are granted access to the most updated sanction lists. Your compliance officer can feel comfortable knowing that every time a new customer (individual or company) is added to the database, their name is checked against the following sanction lists (provided that you are subscribed to our SLA program). As part of a standard SLA you will get subscription to four sanction lists from this below list. The extended SLA offers all sanction liss and optional PEP list.

Subscription to High-quality Currency Rate Server: Access to live market data from a reliable source is a great but rather costly investment for your business. As part of your SLA agreement, you can continue to receive free market rates for almost all currencies as well as gold, silver, and platinum. Our currency rate server is connected to to receive up to date market data. is the leading market data provider for many financial corporations including Wells Fargo, Citi bank, and ING Direct.

Exclusions: What is NOT INCLUDED in our SLA program!

Please read this section carefully as it is important to understand what services are not included as part of the SLA program.

  1. Major upgrades of 4D software are not free unless you subscribe to 4D maintenance program. All major Upgrades of 4D Server, 4D , and 4D Extensions are not part the SLA program (e.g. upgrade from 4D 2004 to 4D v13, or from 4D v13 to 4D v17)
  2. Installations of Hardware: such as computer, backup drives, signature pads, scanners, and printers, etc...
  3. Networking: Physical Wiring, network troubleshooting
  4. Network Configurations: port forwarding, network administration, router configurations, firewall configurations, network switch configurations, VPN Installations, etc...
  5. Hardware Upgrades: installation of RAM, network cards, and any kind of hardware upgrades
  6. Installation of third-party software not related to CurrencyXchanger such as anti-virus, anti-spam software;etc...