The Future of Currency Exchange Software

Money Exchange Software

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CurrencyXchanger is the perfect fit for any offering financial services to their customers such as:

  • Domestic & International Wire Transfer
  • Cross Currency Cheque to Cheque Conversion
  • Cheque Cashing & Cash Advance
  • Money Lending
  • Global Remittance Service
  • Currency Spot Trading
  • Reselling non-currency inventory items (calling cards, gift certificates, etc)
  • Forward Contracts & Futures
  • Currency Deliveries

If you are a wholesaler of foreign currency, you need to keep track of client receivable and payable, account positions, short and over position, forward contracts, orders, customer bookings, reconcile bank accounts, then the business edition is your best choice.

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Currency Exchange Software for:

  • Money Services Business (MSB), Bureau de Change (BDC), Cambios, Forex Retailers
  • Travel Agencies offering financial services (e.g. American Express)
  • Money changers, Forex traders and wholesalers of currency
  • Currency Exchange kiosk and outlets in airports and shopping centers
  • Financial Institutions (banks, credit unions, holding companies, etc...)
  • Hotels, casinos, tourist shops, cruise ships, resorts, and outlets
  • Dealers of precious metals

What is the definition of MSB (Money Service Business)