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CurrencyXchanger has been a true asset to the business and has allowed us to streamline compliance, reporting, stock management and data collection in a way that suits our retail environment. None of these goals would have been possible to achieve without the ongoing support and training from Tiran and Houman, which resulted in an overwhelming task becoming a smooth roll-out in the business. We are looking forward exploring the system further as it has become a true asset to our business.

Cassy Pearson, Managing director
Exchange Now, Australia
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CurrencyXchanger has all the features that we need from a POS software. Its flexibility and ease of use are second to none. The training videos also made it very easy for us to use the software immediately. Last but not the least, the support/training staff especially Houman is world class. CurrencyXchanger is one of the best purchase decisions we've made for our business.

Saul Mendoza, Director
Currency Exchange One LLC, CA, USA
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This is the best and most professional software I've come across compared to my previous 4 software [that i used] for the last eighteen years. The outlook and the order are really nice. I love it. They even have training recorded on YouTube which you can always go there and view. The people are friendly and really there to help you. Professional and the right people to help your company grow. I highly recommend this software.

Alan Liau, manager
Manager at Traveller's Money Changer Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
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After using a multi-million dollar custom-designed Point-Of-Sale system for many years, I anticipated it would be very difficult to find a replacement, until I came across Clear View's CurrencyXchanger.

Kim Hospodar, Financial Service Lead
Altour / American Express

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Rated by Bineta Dieng on

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Rated by Bineta Dieng on

I like the system very much. We had two other systems prior to this one. I like that support is available whenever I call. No complaints. I certainly recommend this system!

Bineta Dieng, Customer Service Rep.
Omnex Group Inc., NJ, USA

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We have been using CurrencyXchanger since January 2008. It was sluggish to get familiar with the different functions at first, but once they are learned and understood, it became very easy to use. Functions are extremely user-friendly once you get to apply them in a business environment. The system is also very flexible and can be adapted to any type of currency exchange business. Before purchasing this product we examined various other products on the market but none had the flexibility of this one. Also the friendly customer support is a major plus

Carlo Ponte, Marketing Manager
Globex 2000, QC, Canada

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I like the system. It's a good system and much more stable than the system we used to have by American Express... and I'm grateful for the fact that it's stable and we don't have to constantly call for support.

Maryann Zanca
Financial Service Rep., Orange County, CA, USA.

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Rated by Richard Szczepaniak on

The system is wonderful in terms of ease of use. All financial sales representatives love it and prefer it over Express Change.

Richard Szczepaniak, Manager Financial Services
Altour International / American Express, NJ, USA

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What I like the most are the compliance features, I easily passed my last FINTRAC audit because of this software.

Michael Xiang, President
Happy Currency, BC, Canada

CurrencyXchanger in now an integral part of our business. We are already whitnessing how your software is contributing to our growth and success.

H. Attar, President
Attar Enterprise Inc., BC, Canada