What is CXR Cloud?

CXR Cloud is a revolutionary business app for Currency Exchange and Money Transfer Organizations (MTO). It is a web-based application and has been developed based on the popular CurrencyXchanger desktop edition. CXR Cloud can capture day to day activities of an exchange office, from the front office desk to the back office.

Why CXR Cloud?

Professional Currency Exchange Software SaaS

Run Anywhere

As long as you have internet access you can have access to CXR Cloud. Your staff can work from home or from the office, or while they are on the plane.

Run on any device

Say goodbye to upgrading all your computer hardware to the latest and greatest CPU. CXR Cloud doesn't require any specific hardware requirement. You can run it on a Chrome book with 1 MB or RAM, your latest top of the line Mac Book Pro M1, or even on a Linux box!

No Installation

We like your IT but you don't need them anymore. So you are welcome to keep them for your office networking but you don't need them to help with the system, installation, etc.

Flexible and Scalable

You can add/remove users and branches anytime you want. You can scale up or scale down the operation depending on your business needs

Customer Portal

Your customers can get access to their transactions, profiles, beneficiary accounts, bank accounts, using a customer portal.

Agent Portal

Your customers can get access to their transactions, profiles, beneficiary accounts, bank accounts, using a customer portal.

Industries that can benefit from CXR Cloud

Money Service Businesses (MSB)

• Bureau de Change (BDC)
• Precious Metal Dealers
• Currency Exchangers
• FOREX traders
• Payday Loan Companies
• Money Transfer Organization (MTO)
• Crypto Currency Exchangers

Financial Institutions

• Commercial Banks
• Central Banks
• Credit Unions
• Commercial lenders
• Private Equity firms
• Investment Groups

Travel Agencies & Airport Kiosks

• Travel agencies offering travel money
• Gift shops
• Airport currency exchange kiosks
• Tourist shops
• Cruise Liners

Casinos & Gaming Industry

• Many casinos are currently using our software and services for their KYC screening and background checks as well as recording foreign currency exchanges

Hospitality & Tourism Industry

• Many hotels and motels offer currency exchange service and require automated systems for record keeping and KYC. This type of service is usually offered in resorts and tourist-oriented shops dealing with international clients.

Top Features of CXR Cloud

  • Accept and Pay in Cash, Wire, eWire, AR/AP, Card
  • Compliant Record Keeping for your Company
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with KYC Features
  • Tellerproof system for End of Day cash control
  • Currency Tracking by Denominations
  • Connectivity to live Currency & Precious Metal Watch
  • One-click export to Microsoft Excel, PDF, CSV or XML. Watch
  • AML Alert Log for tracking AML anomalies
  • Optional LCD Currency Rate Display board Watch
  • Record your FOREX tradings, Bookings, Future Contracts, and Deliveries
  • Check Cashing
  • Rule-based AML & ATF policy declaration module
  • Print ready-made KYC Form
  • Screening against 12 major sanction lists and PEP list
  • Adjustable warning threshold for LCT, EFT, and STR monitoring
  • eWire Remittance via Trusted Agents
  • Agent Portal
  • Customer Portal
  • Multi-branch capability
  • Deploy in your own Cloud Environment